Smart Growth

These ordinances, resolutions, and motions, enacted by the citizens and Town Board of Baileys Harbor, Wisconsin, govern the life in Baileys Harbor Township.

Baileys Harbor is also governed by Door County regulations which are available at the office of the Door County Clerk in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.

2005 Smart Growth Documents

  • Adopted Smart Growth Plan
  • Baileys Harbor Soils & Floodplain Map
  • Baileys Harbor Aerial & Wetland Map
  • Baileys Harbor Current Land Use Map
  • Baileys Harbor Future Land Use Map
  • Door County Municipalities Map
  • Baileys Harbor Wastewater System Map
  • Appendices to the Baileys Harbor Comprehensive Plan
  • Comprehensive Plan Resource Inventory Report
  • Detailed Report on Town of Baileys Harbor
  • Comprehensive Plan Implementation Policies

2010 Update Documents

  • Public Participation Plan
  • Resolution Adopting Participation Plan
  • Kick-off Meeting Summary
  • Cognitive Mapping Summary
  • Chapter 1 DRAFT
  • Chapter 1 DRAFT 2
  • Chapter 2 DRAFT
  • Chapter 6 DRAFT
  • Chapter 6 DRAFT 2
  • Chapter 4 DRAFT

Note that at this point it was determined to revise the original document, rather than create a separate stand-alone addendum. Therefore chapter numbers/titles may be different than those listed above.

  • Draft Chapter VI (Housing & Economic Development)
  • Draft Chapter VIII (Utilities & Community Facilities)
  • Draft Chapter IV (Agricultural, Natural & Cultural Resources)
  • Draft Chapter VII (Transportation)
  • Draft Chapters I, II & III
  • Composite Future Map (formerly Majority Opinion Map)
  • Draft Chapter IX (Intergovernmental Cooperation)
  • Draft Chapter V (Land Use) THIRD DRAFT
  • Future Land Use Map FIRST DRAFT
  • Core Area Future Land Use Map FIRST DRAFT
  • Second Draft Chapter V (Land Use)
  • Future Land Use Map SECOND DRAFT
  • Final Draft Land Use Chapter
  • Final Draft Future Core Area Map
  • Final Draft Future Land Use Map
  • Final Plan Draft
  • Complete Revised Draft
  • October 11 Plan Presentation
  • Final Plan To Be Adopted Jan 14, 2013